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Erin is an administrator and instructor at the University of Utah, holding degrees in sociology and international affairs. She writes about gender, religion, art, and history, exploring how individuals exist within and fight against social systems. Her essays have been published in The Exponent and Young Mormon Feminists.

Christmas Truce Raising Our White Flags with Joyeux Noël Erraticus Image

Christmas Truce: Raising Our White Flags with ‘Joyeux Noël’

The Christmas Truce of 1914 was the final happy memory some soldiers would have. Today, in our polarized culture, 'Joyeux Noël' reminds us to soften our social and political barriers.

A Tough President and An Unsettled Nation Erraticus

A Tough President and An Unsettled Nation

While the most violent mood in recent history settles over the nation, can we blame it on Donald Trump and his aspirations to be "tough?"

LGBT...Q? Polygamy in the age of Marriage Equality Erraticus Image Source by Matt Popovich

LGBTQ…P? Polygamy in the Era of Marriage Equality

Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015. Ever-individualized notions of love, sexuality, and gender identity broaden our definition of family—but will we make room for polygamy? Should we?