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Virtual Reality Is Not An Empathy Machine Erraticus Image by Lucrezia Carnelos

Virtual Reality is Not an Empathy Machine

Virtual reality can help us better understand the experiences of others but we should remain skeptical whether it can create true empathy.

Living Myth Podcast Spell of Whiteness Erraticus Image by Jessica Felicio

The Spell of Whiteness

The notion of whiteness and the use of color as a primary aspect of identity arose out of a particular cosmological trick.

'History of White People' and Dealing with Race Theorists Erraticus Image by Mwangi Gatheca

‘History of White People’ and Dealing with Race Theorists

Nell Irvin Painter's book identifies some of the roots of the inequality we see today, which are based on the antiquated "science" of race theory. We can use the social construct of race to address social injustices, but what do we do with the mixed legacies of race theorists?

Urban Youth Use Myths and Drums to Become Men - Florian Schneider

Urban Youth Use Myths and Drums to Become Men

Drawing power from mythological stories and self-disclosure, this award-winning mentoring program transforms teens into community leaders.