Erraticus Reading Groups

We're creating a community committed to fruitful ideas.

To that end, Erraticus is excited to announce its next endeavor: Erraticus Reading Groups. These are virtual discussion groups, led by a member of the Erraticus editorial staff, that revolve around a particular book we believe will interest members of our community.

We will meet on a regular basis throughout the duration of the book, usually over a two-month period.

These are free to attend and limited in size.

Sick Souls, Healthy Minds by John Kaag Erraticus Reading Groups

Past Reading Groups

Summer 2021 - Sick Souls, Healthy Minds: How William James Can Save Your Life by John Kaag (2020)

Publisher's Description

In 1895, William James, the father of American philosophy, delivered a lecture entitled "Is Life Worth Living?"

It was no theoretical question for James, who had contemplated suicide during an existential crisis as a young man a quarter-century earlier. Indeed, as John Kaag writes, "James's entire philosophy, from beginning to end, was geared to save a life, his life"―and that's why it just might be able to save yours, too.

Sick Souls, Healthy Minds (2020) is a compelling introduction to James's life and thought that shows why the founder of pragmatism and empirical psychology can still speak so directly and profoundly to anyone struggling to make a life worth living.

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