Solitude Before Ability Think Erraticus Image by Alex Blăjan

Comfort with Solitude Comes Before The Ability to Think

Freedom entails the capacity to think and to judge in private, where solitude empowers the individual to contemplate their actions and develop their conscience, to escape the cacophony of the crowd. Solitude precedes moral thinking.

Physics Envy Erraticus Image by Roman Mager

Economists with Physics Envy Are Harmful

Observing the acclaim physics was having, economists embraced a physical view of human behavior hoping to replicate similar success. However, unlike physics, the social nature of human beings makes any laws of behavior tentative and contextual.

Self-esteem, Self-compassion, Self-indifference? Erraticus Image by Oleg Sergeichik

Self-Esteem, Self-Compassion, or Self-Indifference? Which is Best?

Millennials are the generation who came of age during the self-esteem movement. The concept of self-esteem is losing it's currency, but are self-compassion or self-indifference better frameworks for emotional health?

Living Myth Podcast Spell of Whiteness Erraticus Image by Jessica Felicio

The Spell of Whiteness

The notion of whiteness and the use of color as a primary aspect of identity arose out of a particular cosmological trick.

A New Romanticism Erraticus Albert Bierstadt Storm Rocky Mountains

‘Enlightenment Now’ Demands A New Romanticism

There are many who say that Romanticism is dead. But the tensions between Romanticism and the soldiers of the original Enlightenment are rising up again.

Earth's Carrying Capacity for Human Life Is More Than You Think Erraticus Image by Tomasz Bazylinski

Earth’s Carrying Capacity for Human Life Is More Than You Think

The claim that earth has a carrying capacity of 7 billion is based on old concepts—misunderstanding how fertility rates and consumption work.

In Physics, Beauty Doesn't Equal Truth Erraticus Image by Alexander Andrews

In Physics, Beauty Doesn’t Equal Truth

Most of physics' beautiful ideas are hard or impossible to test. When we try to rectify a perceived lack of beauty, we waste time on problems that aren’t really problems. Physicists must rethink their methods, now.

'History of White People' and Dealing with Race Theorists Erraticus Image by Mwangi Gatheca

‘History of White People’ and Dealing with Race Theorists

Nell Irvin Painter's book identifies some of the roots of the inequality we see today, which are based on the antiquated "science" of race theory. We can use the social construct of race to address social injustices, but what do we do with the mixed legacies of race theorists?

The Radical Roots of Peace Erraticus Image by Galen Crout

The Radical Roots of Peace

Each of us plays a role in becoming a culture of peace by embodying the stories we tell.

LGBT...Q? Polygamy in the age of Marriage Equality Erraticus Image Source by Matt Popovich

LGBTQ…P? Polygamy in the Era of Marriage Equality

Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015. Ever-individualized notions of love, sexuality, and gender identity broaden our definition of family—but will we make room for polygamy? Should we?

Agape Restaurants Could Revive Toleration and Multiculturalism—Jeffrey Howard—Image—Kevin Curtis—Erraticus

Agape Restaurants Could Revive Toleration and Multiculturalism

Debates surrounding tribalism and bigotry abound, many focused on biased media or public policy. Agape Restaurants conceptualize food as a cultural force for realizing toleration and nurturing community—all while dining with strangers.

Living Myth Podcast—The Darkness Around Us—Erraticus—Rob Walsh

The Darkness Around Us

It's beyond disconcerting that, as president, Donald Trump has threatened nuclear war. Still, the world has been on the brink of annihilation many times before, and yet continues because of the slight edge that the forces of creation have over the forces of destruction.

Living Myth Podcast Twist of Fate Erraticus Image by Keagan Henman

A Twist of Fate and When Destiny Calls

Michael Meade tells a dramatic life and death story from his youth, showing how we are each shaped by compelling threads of fate and destiny woven in our souls.

Ascetic Priest

Alas, all of man is but a sick herd, / Slavers, master, it is no matter, / An illness of sorts has thus been incurred.

Living Myth Podcast Why Myth, Why Now Image by Marcelo Matarazzo

Why Myth, Why Now?

Michael Meade introduces the role of myth in making sense of our complex and challenging world, in the first episode of Living Myth. He presents mythic stories that offer wise ways of understanding the current dilemmas of the world we live in.

Treating Carbon Emissions Like Trash Collection Could Reverse Climate Change - Martin Vysoudil

Treating Carbon Emissions Like Trash Collection Could Reverse Climate Change

We already have the technology to reverse Climate Change, but one great obstacle remains—Nori is a company that believes it can solve that problem, succeeding where political activism has not.

Urban Youth Use Myths and Drums to Become Men - Florian Schneider

Urban Youth Use Myths and Drums to Become Men

Drawing power from mythological stories and self-disclosure, this award-winning mentoring program transforms teens into community leaders.

Funerals Are Vital Spaces fo Emotional Learning erraticus image by Francesco Corbisiero

Funerals Are Vital Spaces for Emotional Learning

We dishonor a person's memory and do ourselves a disservice when we don't also acknowledge the dead person’s flaws, faults, or missteps—in other words, embrace their whole humanity. Whether we want it or not, funerals are spaces for emotional learning, not just grieving or reinforcing cultural norms.

Sonnet #1: Our Own Élan Vital

Her kiss leaves blood for me to fore’er taste; / (Drowning within one’s insecurities.)

Breaking Free of Societal Systems in Order to Revitalize Them

Jeff Savage, a non-academic-minded-academic, discusses the challenges of growing beyond three stagnate and authoritarian systems—academia, schooling, and the organized religion of his youth.

Childlike Truth

You think I’m pretty, innocent, and sweet / Yet innocence and sweet is not what I’ve seen.

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