Student Submissions

We want to publish your students' essays.

If your students spend the semester or term researching and writing an essay, then this could be a great way to enhance the experience for them. This initiative is designed to be implemented in university courses or classes that already feature an essay as part of the curriculum. While intended for entire classes, the Erraticus editorial team is happy to receive essay submissions from undergraduate and graduate students at any time.

We partner with professors to provide their students with opportunities to be published in an intellectually rigorous but publicly oriented online magazine. Typically, students will be given our publication guidelines at the beginning of the semester or term before they begin writing their essays. This gives them a good sense of Erraticus’ approach to ideas.

While we can’t guarantee any student’s submission will be published, our editorial team will help polish up and offer feedback on submissions that we believe fit our publication’s standards.

Contact us at for more details.

What Does the Student Submissions Process Look Like?

Erraticus Essays Academia Students Student Submissions Essays

Professors instruct students at the beginning of the semester.

Students receive instructions from their respective professor or faculty member about Erraticus’ publishing guidelines. Students then spend the term or semester researching and writing their essays.

Erraticus Essays Academia Students Student Submissions Essays

Students submit their final essays to Erraticus.

Students submit a final draft of their essay to Erraticus at the end of the term or semester.

Erraticus Essays Academia Students Student Submissions Essays

Erraticus editors work with students to publish their essays.

If the essay fits Erraticus’ publishing guidelines and standards well, the Erraticus Editorial Team will personally work with the student until it is ready to be published.