‘The School of Life’ Preaches Pessimism over Romanticism

‘The School of Life’ is on a crusade to avail us of our emotional ignorance. Philosopher Alain De Botton seeks to remedy the shortcomings of contemporary education systems and the institutions that have failed to instruct us in how to approach the big questions in life.

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'History of White People' and Dealing with Race Theorists Erraticus Image by Mwangi Gatheca

The ‘History of White People’ and Their Mixed Legacies

Nell Irvin Painter’s book identifies some of the roots of the inequality we see today, which are based on the antiquated “science” of race theory. We can use the social construct of race to address social injustices, but what do we do with the mixed legacies of race theorists?

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Agape Restaurants Could Revive Toleration and Multiculturalism—Jeffrey Howard—Image—Kevin Curtis—Erraticus

Agape Restaurants Could Revive Toleration and Multiculturalism

Debates surrounding tribalism and bigotry abound, many focused on biased media or public policy. Agape Restaurants conceptualize food as a cultural force for realizing toleration and nurturing community—all while dining with strangers.

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