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Awakening the Soul Challenge to Life in the Post-truth World Erraticus Image by Igor Miske

‘Awakening the Soul’: One Man’s Challenge to the Post-truth World

A new book protests the postmodernist refutations of shared truth and grand narratives—we struggle because we lack story and soul.

Truth Absolute Works Erraticus Image by Valentin Antonucci

Truth Is Not Absolute, But That Which Works

A common view of truth aims for that which corresponds with reality. Left with nothing but our own interpretations of the world, Pragmatists, like William James and Charles Peirce, argue that the best we can do is to hold to that which works.

In Physics, Beauty Doesn't Equal Truth Erraticus Image by Alexander Andrews

In Physics, Beauty Doesn’t Equal Truth

Most of physics' beautiful ideas are hard or impossible to test. When we try to rectify a perceived lack of beauty, we waste time on problems that aren’t really problems. Physicists must rethink their methods, now.