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Maggie is a queer Christian poet who is passionate about creating new perspectives on faith through her poetry. She reads and writes poetry that explores reality via unique imagistic language and metaphors. She also loves outer space, fashion, and Georgia O’Keeffe’s watercolors, and works in marketing for a publishing company in Boston, MA.

Walter received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Brown University in 1978. In addition to numerous papers on epistemology, public policy, and aesthetics, he is the author of three books: The Perennial Solution Center: Conversations and Readings in Mysticism and the Psychology of Religion (2003); The Roots of Representationism: An Introduction to Everett Hall (2013); and Democratic Theory Naturalized: The Foundations of Distilled Populism (2020).

He lives with his family in a western suburb of Boston, Massachusetts where he is currently working his way through the 47 novels of Anthony Trollope for the second time.

A podcast about our relationship to ideas. Doing our damnedest to not block the path of inquiry.

Zoran holds a MA degree in literature and a PhD in philosophy. He teaches in high schools and works for the NGO and private sector on various philosophy related projects and critical thinking training. He is a philosophical practitioner and a private philosophical counselor. He regularly publishes popular and scientific articles in philosophy and is the author of 3 books.

He lives by the Danube.

Michael is a Washington, DC-based writer, speaker, and researcher. His expertise is the nexus of personality development, body/mind, emotion, and spirituality. He is the author of three books including the soon-to-be-published Sensitive Soul (2020).

Information on his work is available at

His papers have appeared in Frontiers in Psychology, the Journal of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies, Science & Consciousness Review, Explore, Seminars in Integrative Medicine, and the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.

His feature articles and interviews have run in Psychology Today, Spirituality & Health, Aeon, Nautilus, Minding Nature, Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, Edge Science, Noetic Now, PsychCentral, and Scientific American.

Derek teaches philosophy at the high school level where he focuses on, among other things, philosophy of religion. He is a contributing editor for Erraticus, holds a bachelor’s in English and History, and a master’s in educational administration.

John is the author of "The Accidental Guru," one of the accounts in the Breaking Open anthology (2020). He has had a variety of careers, including being a graphic designer, a computer programmer, and a social worker. He has used Holotropic Breathwork and transpersonal artwork to integrate his own experiences and co-facilitates a monthly Spiritual Crisis Network peer support group.

His current projects include animating mandalas, composing a haiku a day, and writing a regular film column for the Religious Drama Society of Great Britain. He lives with his wife Ann in the north of England.

Nicholas is a former freelance journalist turned writer and creator of Eclectic Spacewalk. With essays, interviews, podcasts, and video production, Eclectic Spacewalk is a place to analyze the human condition with pragmatic heuristics—always through a global and local "overview effect" lens.