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Rick was born into a family of moonshiners, railroad men, and unionized ALCOA factory workers in the foothills of the Smokies. He grew up in Nashville. He lived in Kentucky, Florida, and Alabama before, like Davy Crockett, ending up in Texas, where he teaches literature and writing, writes about literature and philosophy, and occasionally makes poems.

Ian is a writer with a background in philosophy. He lives in Seattle.

He recently published a printed zine on a doctrine he calls pragmagism. The web version can be found at the Journal of Sophistry. A few other scattered writings can be found on Twitter, Medium, and Substack.

Isfandyar is an architect with a flaming passion for philosophy, literature, and music. He also holds an MPhil. in Linguistics and TESOL.

His passion for music and lyricism had him conduct research on the influences of poetry on music and vice versa. He is currently the lead vocalist for the band YarKhan and runs his architectural practice by the name of Spacemen Architecture Design.

Jon is a professional engineer, amateur philosopher, and Lutheran Christian living in Olathe, Kansas, USA.

His published papers discuss various aspects of Peirce's thought, touching on mathematics, phenomenology, logic as semiotic (including pragmatism), and metaphysics (including cosmology).

Nick received his BA in Philosophy at Yale University in the heyday of deconstruction and his MS in Computer Science at WPI in the heyday of AI expert systems. He didn't recover until encountering the work of Richard Rorty at NYU Law School, where he received his JD.

His careers have spanned software engineering, intellectual property litigation, IT research and analysis, and design thinking. Nick is currently developing a post-pragmatist philosophy he calls Fruitionism. You can find him on Twitter and read more of his writing on Medium.

Megan is an artist and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Stony Brook University, where she teaches course in aesthetics, phenomenology, and twentieth-century continental philosophy. Her research interests include color, synesthesia, autism, psychoanalysis, and embodiment.

She is the author of Levinas and James: Towards a Pragmatic Phenomenology (2009), co-editor with Marcia Morgan of Richard J. Bernstein and the Expansion of American Philosophy: Thinking the Plural (2016), and currently at work on a book on Levinas, Derrida, and palliative care in America.

You can also find her work at Water Street Projects.

Jared is a writer exploring cultural history and cultures of work. His writing has appeared in JacobinIt's Freezing in LA!, Yes! MagazineSociety+ Space, and elsewhere. He is Director of Communications and Resources at the Schumacher Center for a New Economics.

Sam is a freelance writer, blogger, and journalist based in London. His main areas of interest include ethics, existentialism, psychology, mental health, and psychedelics. You can find him on Twitter and read more of his writing at

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