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Caitlin is a photographer, educator, and communication professional. She enjoys writing about rhetoric, history, and philosophy, placing particular significance on human-beings as story-telling animals. She has been published in numerous outlets, both local and national, as well as in a number of academic journals. She currently resides in Raleigh, NC with her dog Marvel.

Ascetic Priest

Alas, all of man is but a sick herd, / Slavers, master, it is no matter, / An illness of sorts has thus been incurred.

Childlike Truth

You think I’m pretty, innocent, and sweet / Yet innocence and sweet is not what I’ve seen.

Beautiful Speech

Your body flies on a carriage of wind / To land aloft upon the ears of humanity / The question is always does it fit the trend? / Alas, tyranny of the majority is the calamity.