Beautiful Speech

Your body flies on a carriage of wind,
To land aloft upon the ears of humanity,
The question is always does it fit the trend?
Alas, tyranny of the majority is the calamity.

Yet, your importance isn’t seen by the arrogant,
You shape not only, the individual, but humanity,
Seeking the truth is your constant dance,
Questioning the majority’s sanity.

You break the barriers that customs have built,
Freeing those enslaved by tradition,
Bettering the conditions which most are dealt,
Alas, you are the enemy of the majority’s ambition.

You alienate none that take your path,
Even more beautiful if you pass across thy ladies lips,
Incurring, progresses necessary wrath,
Though you may, be the speaker’s own whip.

Alas, at least you have your champions,
Of which you must go hand in hand,
Education is thy mighty lion,
Aiding in your protection in this tyrannical land.

It must not be forgotten, that you are the diamond,
The most prized jewel,
In the crown of the individual, which to the soul is a bond,
Individualities main tool.

Yes, from you martyrs have been born,
Yet, heroes of history have also,
From your breast been torn.

You are so precious, valuable, and divine,
Humanity would stand still,
Dull nothingness entwined,
But to progress humanity, the individual, is your will.

Caitlin Grimes

Caitlin is a photographer, educator, and communication professional. She enjoys writing about rhetoric, history, and philosophy, placing particular significance on human-beings as story-telling animals. She has been published in numerous outlets, both local and national, as well as in a number of academic journals. She currently resides in Raleigh, NC with her dog Marvel.

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