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David, an associate professor of law (J.D., M.A., U.C. Berkeley; B.A., BYU) joined the UI College of Law in 2015. Before beginning his academic career in 2007, he worked for the United Nations, overseeing Court Management and Legal Aid at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and directing Rule of Law activity in South Sudan for the U.N. Mission there. He has also led USAID-funded court reform projects in Romania and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, returning to Sarajevo in 2010-11 as a Fulbright Scholar. He has written on the subject of forfeiture reform, as well as on issues of child protection. He is an advocate for legal protection of parents’ rights, particularly against a state actor’s second-guessing of parenting choices, and has been cited and quoted by state appeals and supreme courts, overturning convictions in these cases.

Free-range Parenting Has Legal Protection in Utah Many Battles Ahead Erraticus Image Priscilla Du Preez

Free-range Parenting Has Protection in Utah, Many Battles Ahead

Free-range parenting gains momentum in Utah, but families nation-wide still face threats to their autonomy from intrusive governments.