Song of the Hour

Song of the hour,
Be mine,
Wedded in power,
Be thine,

Solstice of celebration,
See now,
Equinox of surrender,
See right,

Sudden and forever,
Take heed,
Long in the hour,
Take time,

Suffused in morals,
Douse now,
Soaked in embers,
Douse not,

Sordid with horror,
Keep quiet,
Thump as a coward,
Keep lying,

Summary of a kind,
Say less,
Essays in life,
Say more,

Stake in the center,
Beat twice,
Scythe on the edges,
Beat thrice,

Silver-tongued siren,
Come once,
Slippery as white ice,
Come twice,

Strongman your flower,
Reeks yonder,
Huddled in a corner,
Reeks hither

M. Isfandyar Khan

Isfandyar is an architect with a flaming passion for philosophy, literature, and music. He also holds an MPhil. in Linguistics and TESOL. His passion for music and lyricism had him conduct research on the influences of poetry on music and vice versa. He is currently the lead vocalist for the band YarKhan and runs his architectural practice by the name of Spacemen Architecture Design.

3 thoughts on “Song of the Hour

  • Absolutely remarkable. What a refreshing poem and a positive surprise to be able to read such masterful play of words in this day c and age. Please grace us with more of your poetry. Thank you


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