Among a group of penetrating essays, the Erraticus Editorial Team is happy to recognize the 2021 Erraticus Award Winners: Eleni Angelou and Henriikka Hannula.

Recognizing the 2021 Erraticus Award Winners

The Erraticus Editorial Team is frequently moved by the ways in which contributors apply a pragmatic lens to ideas, and 2021 is no exception. Among this year’s finalists are examinations into the role of technology and its impact on culture, a Rortian case for truth as justification, how we should console one another, the tensions between liberalism and anti-fascism, the nature of consecrated spaces, and how we can overcome American democracy’s broken bargaining tables.

We are, again, grateful to each of our contributors for their submissions, and look forward to many more during 2022.

As for those that impressed and challenged us the most, as readers and editors, we are happy to recognize Eleni Angelou and Henriikka Hannula for their thoughtful submissions.

2021 Readers’ Choice Award

So You Think There Are Laws in Nature?” by Eleni Angelou

2021 Editors’ Choice Award

History Isn’t Made by Great Men” by Henriikka Hannula

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