Where You Expect

In the formidable cosmos,
he is where I want him
to be: pulling the waves
down, letting gravity drown
the time it takes for the sun
to boil me away. His finger

marks the spot where clouds
harden into planets of gold.
In remnants of supernovas,
he is building; crushing
planets into his barren heart;
crunching abandoned light
between his clenched teeth.

Where I least expect him,
he cradles my feet with water,
millimeters of the heliosphere
bathing my shoes in his breath
older than my thoughts, wiser
than the solar wind’s smooth sweeps.

I go and find him squatting
in the center of my room;
fists to the bare floor; sound
spewing out of his ears; unknown
colors splattered on the windows;
dry lips whispering, “Please,
come in.”

Maggie Swofford

Maggie is a queer Christian poet who is passionate about creating new perspectives on faith through her poetry. She reads and writes poetry that explores reality via unique imagistic language and metaphors. She also loves outer space, fashion, and Georgia O’Keeffe’s watercolors, and works in marketing for a publishing company in Boston, MA.

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