Walls sweat out as rain seeps in
Flashes of pain and mischief
Ache like pneumatic dreams
Hallucinating in clouds of lust
The coldness of muggy air
Lingers with you, in heat

Burning in the desert
Is your fabricated freedom
Paralleled apart, in a zone axed
By the delinquency of delirium
The crispness of warm air
Lingers with me, shivering

Hiding under whimsical skies
Clear as day, but at night
Floating in unannounced lies
Navigating airily in ecstasy
The sultry fragrance of agony
Lingered with us, unsatisfied

Drenched from thunderstorms
The torrent sought to cleanse us
Purifying the discord in our sins
Glassed in thrilling innocence
The ardent drizzle of uncertainty
Lingered with me, willingly

Doors interpose as the ice thaws
Fickle intentions transgress withdrawal
Cruelly coerce a callow spring mizzle
Gracing squalls of excruciating fizzle
The torrid titillation of sentiment
Lingers strayed, frozen

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Bianca Romano

Bianca oversees contract manufacturing and operations planning for Vita Coco, Runa, and Ever+Ever. She leads their coconut supply expansion from her native Brazil, to Europe and North America. She enjoys contributing to the next beverage innovation while traveling extensively in its pursuit. She spends her free time discovering music, floating in the ocean or connecting with strangers on the human condition, economics, film, and sustainability. Bianca lives in Brooklyn, NY with her pup Jack O’ Lantern.

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