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Agape Restaurants Could Revive Toleration and Multiculturalism—Jeffrey Howard—Image—Kevin Curtis—Erraticus

Agape Restaurants Could Revive Toleration and Multiculturalism

Debates surrounding tribalism and bigotry abound, many focused on biased media or public policy. Agape Restaurants conceptualize food as a cultural force for realizing toleration and nurturing community—all while dining with strangers.

Funerals Are Vital Spaces fo Emotional Learning erraticus image by Francesco Corbisiero

Funerals Are Vital Spaces for Emotional Learning

We dishonor a person's memory and do ourselves a disservice when we don't also acknowledge the dead person’s flaws, faults, or missteps—in other words, embrace their whole humanity. Whether we want it or not, funerals are spaces for emotional learning, not just grieving or reinforcing cultural norms.

First Impressions of An Unschooling School Erraticus Image by Annie Spratt

First Impressions of an Unschooling School

Envision a school that is not compulsory or coercive, that is a completely student-directed educational environment, whose primary aim is to develop emotionally intelligent children who can live meaningful lives.