Our Contributors

Caitlin Grimes

Caitlin is a photographer, educator, and communication professional. She enjoys writing about rhetoric, history, and philosophy, placing particular significance on human-beings as story-telling animals. She has been published in numerous outlets, both local and national, as well as in a number of academic journals. She currently resides in Raleigh, NC with her dog Marvel.

Daniel Winchester

Daniel "Winch" Winchester is a "young professional" working in the non-profit world in Washington, DC. He spends his days developing educational materials on classical liberalism/libertarianism and his nights listening to good music with good friends. His passions include Judaism, Dave Matthews Band, and political philosophy.

Heather Cazad

Heather is the Director of Communications and conference planner at Character.org, an education nonprofit in DC. She writes about art, music, and film with regard to how they shape culture. She likes animals and comics and believes people have the capacity to accomplish amazing things.

Jeffrey Howard

Jeffrey is an educator and former mental health professional. He writes about psychology, religion, and history, emphasizing the roles mythology and narrative play in how we create meaningful lives. He has been published by Valuewalk and the Foundation for Economic Education, and resides in Cascadia.

Joshua R. H. Parsons

Joshua is a peregrine thinker. He has worked in technology and innovation policy at a D.C.-based think tank. Beyond studying economics, urban planning, and violence, he spends time exploring avant-garde and postmodern film and literature, as well as country and jazz guitar. Currently, he resides in Denver, CO.

Kelley Altizer

Kelley Altizer works in management for Amazon.com and enjoys writing about film, literature, and technology and their effects on our daily lives. In her spare time, she loves writing and recording music with her husband and writing creative fiction.

Nicole Carloni

Nicole is a public health professional who specializes in global health and infectious disease. Her other interests are wide-ranging and include theoretical physics, history and feminism. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, hiking and discussing politics with friends.

Sloane Shearman

Sloane lives in Arlington, Virginia, where she manages academic marketing at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics. Prior to moving to the Washington, D.C. area she studied biological anthropology at Penn State and served as a counselor on a crisis and basic needs hotline. Her interests include starting a renaissance and taking long walks by herself.