Erraticus: Meaningful Ideas for Emotionally Intelligent Living

Erraticus is an online publication focused on human flourishing.

Most of us arrive at adulthood having experienced many social institutions–family, religion, schools, government, companies, art and entertainment–which have failed to nurture within us sufficient emotional intelligence. We struggle to understand our feelings, and the insights they offer us. We cower and hide from them. We wrestle with living authentically, knowing when to listen to ourselves and when to let the outside world in. We inhabit a rather chaotic and beautiful existence, but grapple with how we might shape the wonders of the universe into something personally meaningful. We consume media and absorb ideas around us, too often accepting them as ‘merely interesting,’ then go about our day in minimally-engaging ways.

So many of these institutions and ideas offer legitimate impact, but if we let them stay in an abstract realm, rather than apply them in concrete ways, we become passive observers. When an article is just a ‘fascinating read’ or a film is simply ‘entertaining,’ we have missed an opportunity.

Ideas matter, not in and of themselves, but when they change how we navigate relationships, make career choices, contextualize our personal place in society, and ultimately, create meaning and purpose amidst existence pains and surprising joys.

At Erraticus we believe that art, culture, and ideas matter as much as they develop emotional intelligence, and empower individuals to live well. We write to engage with people who have a growth mentality, inspiring them to thrive and nurture emotional intelligence in their communities.

While we experience life in a subjective-individual way, it seems that what starts at the personal level finds a spontaneous and powerful path beyond, to the other, where meaning can and ought to be shared.

Our contributors have been involved in this endeavor of social innovation since 2016. We deeply appreciate connecting and sharing our curiosity with you.

Erraticus is always interested in thoughtful submissions. We accept well-considered and well-written pieces focused on human flourishing, ranging from arts and entertainment, to tech and science, to religion and culture. Email them to