A Pragmatic Approach to Ideas

An online publication focused on human flourishing.

We encounter many institutions throughout our lives—educational, familial, governmental, religious, artistic—most of which fail to inculcate within us sufficient emotional intelligence. These fixtures of society imprint worldviews upon us, nurture habits of mind, and encourage the development of various skills.

Unfortunately, too often, they espouse ideas which distract from human flourishing (or even run counter to it) settling for that which is merely interesting. When an article is just a fascinating read or a film is simply entertaining, we have missed an opportunity; concepts stay in an abstract (or utopian) realm rather than being brought firmly into lived experience.

There is value in the life of mind—finding pleasure in cultural or intellectual stimulation—but if an idea can’t be distilled down to its most impactful form, instructing the ways in which we live, then we have little interest in it. We sympathize with William James’ orientation that viewpoints should be “judged by their fruits…not by their roots,” encouraging individuals to experiment firsthand with theories—rather than becoming mired in axioms or metaphysics. As John Dewey asserted, truth is the “resolution of a problematic situation.”

Ideas matter, not in and of themselves, but the degree to which they change how we navigate relationships, overcome challenges, relate to Nature, understand our psychology, contextualize our personal place in society, organize societies, and ultimately, create meaning and purpose.

We engage with people who have growth mentalities, inspiring them to thrive individually so they can nurture the psychological, social, and political life of their communities.

This is what is meant by spontaneous culture—solutions to living well begin locally, within every human being, and extend outward to our communities.

At Erraticus we believe that art, culture, technology, and ideas matter as much as they develop emotional intelligence and empower individuals to live well.


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