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#2 In Two Worlds Podcast—Breaking Free of Societal Systems in Order to Revitalize Them (with Jeff Savage)

In this episode Jeff Savage, a non-academic-minded-academic, discusses the challenges of growing beyond three stagnate and authoritarian systems--academia, schooling, and the organized religion of his youth.

#1 In Two Worlds Podcast—Lead with the Destination, Not the Engine (with Raj Balkaran)

In this episode Raj Balkaran, a scholar of Religion and Mythology, and personal coach, uncovers the power of myth as an engine for individual growth.

In Two Worlds

In Two Worlds: A New Podcast

A podcast on how we, as creative creatures, make meaningful lives and how we can best tackle the challenges of existence. Join the discussion as Jeffrey Howard interviews a wide gamut of guests, drawing from their expertise in psychology, education, religion, and history, to explore how we thrive as individuals and in our communities.