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‘Schools of Character’ Demonstrate a Path for Education Reform Erraticus Image by neONBRAND

‘Schools of Character’ Demonstrate a Path for Education Reform

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, a grieving parent becomes an education reformer, champions "Schools of Character."

Montessori Schools Empower Kids Socially Erraticus Image by Mi Pham

Montessori Schools Let Kids Choose Their Own Work

Montessori schools maintain that children who freely chose their activities build their self-discipline and ability to concentrate.

Steiner Schools Foster Creativity Capability and Resilience Erraticus Image by Charlein Gracia

Steiner Schools Foster Creativity, Capability, and Resiliency

Steiner schools, known for their artistic and holistic approach to education, are expanding all over the world, but are they as effective as traditional schools?

First Impressions of An Unschooling School Erraticus Image by Annie Spratt

First Impressions of an Unschooling School

Envision a school that is not compulsory or coercive, that is a completely student-directed educational environment, whose primary aim is to develop emotionally intelligent children who can live meaningful lives.