A Twist of Fate and When Destiny Calls

Michael Meade tells a dramatic life and death story from his youth, showing how we are each shaped by compelling threads of fate and destiny woven in our souls.

I recount a life and death story from my youth to show how we are each shaped by compelling threads of fate and destiny woven in our souls. Having been cornered and under threat by members of a rival gang, I suddenly found myself telling a story that, in effect, saved my life. Establishing the sense of archetypal patterns present in each soul, this tale leads us back to ancient Greece and the myth of the Sisters of Fate.

Fate appears as whatever limits, restricts, or even imprisons us; yet fate is the territory where we must go if we are to awaken to our inner destiny. Facing the elements of one’s fate and seeking the destiny hidden within it are part of the art of truly living and of living truly. Fate ties us to the world and keeps us in it, while destiny calls us to a divine errand set deeply within us.

At the same time there are elements inside us, that restrict us, or limit us. That used to be called fate. Those things that limit a person. But, the plotline or the thread of the story connects us to those things which would have us transcend all of our limits and find the destination of our lives, which used to be called destiny.”

This episode is no longer available here, but you can access it through Living Myth Premium.

Living Myth is a production of Mosaic Voices, featured in partnership with Erraticus. This episode was originally released on August 4, 2017. Additional episodes are available at www.livingmyth.org.

(Image source: Keagan Henman/Unsplash)

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