#1 Lead with the Destination, Not the Engine (with Raj Balkaran)

In this episode Raj Balkaran, a scholar of Religion and Mythology, and personal coach, uncovers the power of myth as an engine for individual growth.

A scholar of Religion and Mythology, Raj Balkaran was destitute in a dismal job market, and struggled to find a path, until he answered the call to become a personal coach, and created one himself. Myth, he says, is one of the many engines he now uses to help his clients and mentees get to their destination.

To him, Myth is personal growth.

Jeffrey Howard and Raj discuss their separate but similar encounters with the power of Myth, Joseph Campbell, the pragmatic aspects of the Hero’s Journey, and why understanding archetypes is so essential to navigating our challenges as meaning-making creatures.

Raj BalkaranRaj Balkaran is a scholar of comparative religion and mythology, specializing in Goddess myths from ancient India.  He’s been teaching mythology at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies since 2010.  Residing at the intersection of universal and individual experience, Raj is passionate about humans – about how they work, and how they grow.

As such, he has a thriving personal coaching practice harnessing intellectual, emotional and spiritual insights to transform lives. Find out more at rajbalkaran.com.

Give These a Try
The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell (with Bill Moyers)
The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler

(Featured image source: David Marcu/Unsplash)

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